eologix introduces an easily retrofittable sensor system for all types of wind turbines.
The system consists of one single receiving unit per turbine plus a number of sensing
units which are distributed over the blades’ surface. The sensing units can easily
mounted, e.g. during regular inspection of the blades.
  • receive blade icing information exactly from where it occurs
  • monitor the efficiency of your anti-icing or de-icing solution

eologix has been certified by TÜV Austria according to ISO 9001:2015 since September 2016.

Green energy from Handalm

Ice detection of eologix at windpark Handalm (Styrian Koralpe) with 13 newly constructed wind turbines. read more...

HUSUM Wind 12th till 15th of September 2017

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9. Branchentag Windenergie NRW in Duesseldorf

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