Winterwind 2014

Retrofittable, Autonomous and Wireless Icing and Temperature Monitoring on Rotor Blades for Efficient Anti- and De-icing

We present a system of new-generation wireless icing sensors for wind turbines. The sensors, which are truly wireless and do not require maintenance, are easily mounted to almost any point of the blade, hub, nacelle or tower. Thus, icing can be detected exactly where it occurs first, for example, on or close to the leading edge of the blade tip. Temperature is measured with an accuracy of +-0.25°C, icing is detected at layer thicknesses below 0.5 mm. Measurement data is collected by a base station, which can be located on the nacelle, the tower, the transformer substation or on a met mast. This base station can transmit data to an existing SCADA system or directly interface with a anti- oder de-icing system. The sensors can be mounted over heaters or heated areas in order to efficiently control anti- and de-icing systems, which represents an additional advantage of the combined icing and temperature sensor. Furthermore, an ice-free blade surface can be detected uring stand-still of the blade. Laboratory tests have been successfully conducted, field tests under real-life conditions are currently in progress.

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