• icing and surface temperature information even in locked-rotor state
  • early detection of icing from critical blade locations
  • sensors can be mounted over heaters and control them for minimum downtime
  • no drilling or wires needed in the blades
  • no additional lightning issues
  • unlimited number of sensors per turbine
  • easily retrofittable


icing detection

  • wireless
  • autonomous
  • retrofittable

eologix introduces an easily retrofittable sensor system for all types of wind turbines. The system consists of one single receiving unit per turbine plus a number of sensing units which are distributed over the blades‘ surface. The sensing units can be easily mounted, e.g., during regular inspection of the blades.

  • receive blade icing information exactly from where it occurs
  • monitor the efficiency of your anti-icing or de-icing solution
Eologix Icing Sensor

energy buffer

typical dark time operation > 1000 hours

energy harvesting

a flexible solar cell ensures unlimited energy supply from ambient light

icing detection

ice is detected at several levels by means of an innovative impedance measurement approach

temperature measurement

surface temperature data at an accuracy of 0.25°C

completely wireless

transmits data to the base station over at least 250 m

Sensing Units blue

  • are completely wireless smart sensors
  • are supplied by stored solar energy for unlimited energy supply
  • measure temperature with a resolution of 0.25°C
  • can detect icing at local thicknesses below 1 mm*
  • are small, flexible and thin (below 2 mm)
  • can be mounted to any position on the blade, also on nacelle or tower
  • are delivered on a patch of erosion protection tape and mounted within minutes

* evaluated in icing wind tunnel laboratory tests

Receiving Unit (Base Station) red

  • collects the data transmitted by the sensing units
  • can be placed on ground, nacelle, spinner, hub, blade root or tower
    (only one base station is required per turbine)
  • can be integrated into current SCADA or control systems
  • has a variety of available interfaces (WiFi, Web Server, Ethernet, RS485, GSM)
  • has a variety of optional interfaces (Modbus TCP/RTU,
    CANopen, EtherCAT, PowerLink, Profibus, Satellite etc.)


DNV-GL Component Certificate

The DNV-GL component certificate issue that the eologix sensor system fully complies with the DNV GL guidelines GL-IV-1:2010.